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Nothing In Life
Free Phone and Fax  Services

Below are a list of the sites that offer a free phone  and fax services like wake up calls, and phone software, long distance, and reminder services.

Free Fax Services
Efax - Efax provides you with a unique telephone number that can receive faxes and forward images to your e-mail account.

Free Phone Services

Free Internet Call Waiting & Voicemail  - Most home Internet users surf the net with a single phone line, therefore missing calls while online. With this software you can Stay online and still get your calls.  Its a free Internet Call Waiting and Voicemail service. BuzMe, works with your existing phone number, will allow you to receive and respond to phone calls in real time while online. Complete with Caller ID and personal, private Voicemail, it's a must have for single phone line Internet users.  Additional set up charges may apply

CallWave - CallWave has a free alternative to a second phone line. The Internet Answering Machine is a free alternative to a dedicated modem line. They also offer a free fax service - This is free software you will also need to have call forwarding for this to work, which is about $16 installation fee and $1.60 a month depending on your phone company. At any cost its cheaper than a second line.

Free Directory Assistance - Get Free Directory Assistance on the web with this great site! Don't pay for the wrong number... go here and if its not the right listing try again, it's free

DialPad -
Make free unlimited long distance phone calls to anyone in the U.S. There is nothing to download or install... your web browser uses their technology to place calls while your online. -
Free phone rate calculator. Find out how much it costs to phone anywhere in the world using different long distance telephone services.

Free Net2Phone Software-
Download free Net2Phone software for Win 3.1/95/NT. Net2Phone is a new technology which makes it possible to place domestic and international calls from a personal computer to any telephone in the world.

iPing - iPing is an internet service that delivers time-sensitive notification and information in the form of a customized audio message directly from the Internet to any phone number. Free Calendar & Reminder Service - a free online Day Planner. You can organize your life with AnyDay's calendar, reminder service, address book, sports,TV, movie & trade show event directory.


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