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If you have a free site or free offer you would like to submit please follow the instructions below. Submitting Instructions:

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1. Add a link to on your site. If you link us on your home page, we'll add your site to our "Newest Freebies" Page and a listing in our newsletter, which has over 30,000 subscribers as of May 2003 and growing by about 2,000 a month.  Click Here for Linking Suggestions.

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a. How you located Nothing In Life (Search Engine, Link, Word of    Mouth etc). 

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 c. The category you're site fits into and the description, title and url of your site. This is very important, please look carefully.

3.. Thank you and Click Here to submit your free offer or site. Please mention the URL of where you've linked us on your site. A link with us is a permanent link to your site and we do not tolerate webmasters who link for a short time then remove us. Please be patient after you submit we are currently receiving over 100 link requests a month.


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As of June 2003 we are receiving about 140,000 total server hits, 30,000 unique visitors and over 50,000 page views each month. A listing with us will deliver a considerable amount of traffic for free and generate hundreds of leads depending on the offer, in addition to increasing your link popularity. Many newer search engines such as "Google" are using link popularity as their number one ranking priority. It is the one aspect of your site that cannot be forged. Not only does the quantity of reciprocal links count but also the quality of your links. Nothinginlife has a google page rank of 6 out of 10.  


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