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Below are a list of various tools that I have found useful in building and promoting sites. - A free banner ad rotation service for webmasters. You can begin rotating ads on your web site for free with no CGI Scripts to edit.

Links4Trade -Links4Trade completely automates your link management, by hosting and maintaining your link partner as well as having a huge directory of sites for you to link to.  International Availability

Link Popularity Report -Link popularity measures the number of other sites that have links to your site.  This has become important in search engine rankings. This site has a good link popularity tool that measures your sites popularity in three or four different search engines.   

Free HTML Editor -FreeHTML is a tool for creating webpages using HTML, CGI, Javascript, C, and other popular web languages. It is free and can be downloaded from this site.

Search Engine Visibility Report - This search engine visibility report shows you if you rank in the top 20 results in 15 search engines for the keyword you specify.

LinksMamager -Links manager is a remotely hosted script that you can customize to your site to order your link partners.  It checks for reciprocal links checks dead links among other things.  This is good if you don't have a cgi bin. -Webmasters downloads,  free internet ecommerce tools, web master resources, expired domain lists, free java scripts, free perl scripts, CGI scripts, free internet business resources, web tools, live spider, live web robot. Web Site Garage provides services for maintaining and improving your Web site. Automate site maintenance checks, optimize your graphics and analyze your traffic. .

Meta Tag Generator - Many search engines and directories use META Tags to index your Web site. By optimizing your meta tags keywords and description you have a better chance of being found when someone preforms a search.

Free Meta Tag Generator - Go here to download your own free metatag builder.

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